Bronchitis: description, symptoms, treatment

Bronchitis is an infectious and inflammatory diseases of the bronchi. This disease is very common and can affect people of all ages. Bronchitis develops in the following manner: a virus, a fungus, corrosive substances  damage the bronchial mucosa cells, and they in turn die. After that, the body begins to reject the dead tissue and then becomes inflamed. These dead cells have become a fertile breeding ground for opportunistic and pathogenic microorganisms.

Description and symptoms of bronchitis

The disease can occur due to SARS, the common cold, and perhaps even be associated with colds. As a rule bronchitis patient complains of cough, which at the beginning of an unproductive, dry without sputum. This brings a lot of discomfort, cough and sore throat. A few days later the cough usually turns into a stage produktivatsii and the patient begins hawk. Expectoration that the patient coughs, can be pure or doped with pus and blood, depending on the stage of the disease.

During his illness the patient breathing difficult. If, however, the disease carries obstructive form , then the bronchial lumen is blocked by mucus and swelling detachable which further impairs breathing.

At the same time, you can mark a headache, fever, general weakness, loss of appetite and so on.

On average, acute bronchitis has a duration of approximately two weeks. Although the cough at the same time can accompany a person for a long time. It depends on the condition of the respiratory tract. Only a specialist is able to evaluate whether the bronchial mucosa is restored or the person continues sluggish inflammation, called as chronic bronchitis. Due to the prolonged obstruction and bronchial irritation may occur asthma. Therefore, treatment should be conducted only by a doctor.

Bronchitis: description, symptoms, treatment

treatment of bronchitis

We have already mentioned that cause bronchitis can become a viral infection. Slightly less common disease causing fungi and bacteria. It is also possible, and chemical damage. That’s why doctors believe that inflammation is the main pathological process in this disease.

Anti-inflammatory agents

The first treatment starts with the removal of inflammation. A doctor for this assigns NSAIDs, such as ibuprofen containing preparations.


Further, to prescribe medication to remove phlegm from the bronchial tubes. It is drugs that help thin the secretions and enhance the work of the epithelium of the respiratory system, which promotes phlegm upward like such well-known drugs – Bromhexine, Ambrobene and others. The main thing to remember that these drugs should be used only when the cough is dry and unproductive. But as soon as the patient begins hawk medication is stopped or you may provoke excessive production of exudate and thereby tighten the cough.

fortifying agent

In order to maintain and restore the patient’s general condition is also necessary to ensure that the human body essential trace elements and vitamins.

It is very important for the patient to stick to a particular mode of bronchitis: more sleep, avoid strenuous exercise, drink plenty of fluids. All this will allow the body to provoke their own even without the influence of drugs thin the mucus and out of the bronchi bacteria, toxins and dead cells.

It should also be maintained in the patient’s room humidity, this can be done with a damp cloth obkladyvat radiators and spray water spray. You should also ventilate the room more often.

Antibiotics for bronchitis

It is not always patient with bronchitis prescribe antibiotics. Most often, the body cope independently with bacteria and it is only necessary anti-inflammatory and restorative formulations. When joined to a disease bacteria, the patient’s temperature rises, there is shortness of breath, sputum becomes muddy green or yellow in color with an unpleasant odor.

Therefore, only after a doctor to determine the culture of micro-organisms and their sensitivity to a particular drug prescribed therapy. As a first-aid funds can take Azithromycin, Flemoksin, Rovamycinum, Sumamed . But as a rule, their doctor should prescribe.

People’s treatment of bronchitis

Above, we have described several measures during treatment: ventilation of the room, the air moisturizing, drinking plenty of fluids.

In folk medicine, there are many different herbs that do an excellent job with inflammation and help the patient hawk. Often they are part of even drugs that are prescribed for bronchitis. Although they can be used separately as a means vspomogayuschie.

Thus, a decoction of the leaves of raspberry: a glass of boiling water steamed 1st.l. dried raspberry leaf, boiled for 10 minutes, strain and drink hot. Then lie down and wrap yourself with a warm blanket.

It is also possible to sleep at night to drink warm milk with baking soda and honey.

Also useful onion juice with honey, radish black or aloe.

Inside and often used for rubbing pork fat, although bear or badger better.

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