Cellulite: the principles of proper nutrition

Solve the problem of cellulite can normalize your diet and thus having established the correct metabolism. Actually sly to eat properly, nothing. Every child is a child knows what good foods and what not. The problem is that our taste preferences greatly deteriorate in early childhood. Each candy, chocolate, biscuit, which spoiled us our grandmother – a pledge of malnutrition throughout the hereafter.

Home cellulite laid our way of nutrition in childhood and adolescence, accustomed to the harmful products. And when we think about his last appearance on our hips already flaunts orange peel. The cause of cellulite is not only a poor diet, and food “too” correct, varied diet, with which we are trying to achieve the desired ideal.

“The problem is that our taste preferences greatly deteriorate in early childhood. “

The fact that sudden changes in weight and a radical change in diet is detrimental to our beauty than overeating. Fabrics lose their elasticity, the skin becomes flabby cellulite and feels great. Coming up with magic recipes for cellulite is not necessary – they are well known in the field of nutrition.

The principles of good nutrition for cellulite :

• Forget about diets and trendy unloading day, eat every day and fully balanced.

• Daily Value eaten should not exceed the caloric content of your energy costs, otherwise avoid excess fat. For clarity, you can draw yourself caloric pyramid on top of which is a cake, and at the foot of greens, vegetables and cereals.

• Remove from the diet all the fat, and smoked sausage.

• When cooking food using a double boiler. Fried food for women’s beauty is fatal. Preferably cooked dishes or dishes, steamed. It is also a good option to be casseroles.

• Forget about the existence of mayonnaise. This product is mistakenly ensnared in our favorite dishes, harmful to the body like an atomic bomb.

• Proper and healthy diet includes restricting the use of strong coffee and tea. If you find it difficult to do without these drinks, the alternate black tea with green and coffee drink only very good quality, in any case, not instant.

• Excessive alcohol use also provides an excellent incentive to the development of the orange peel.

• Try to limit the amount of salt in their diet. Of course, you need to eat salt, but various pickles and marinades should be removed from the daily diet.

• Limit sweets and pastry, if you do without a sweet hard, I prefer dark bitter chocolate, a couple of small pieces of the chocolate will not bring harm to your figure.

• Replace the bad carbs to useful. Be sure to include in your diet from a variety of cereal grains, refuse from the usual bread, replacing it with bread from wheat flour.

• Include in the diet more greens and vegetables, they are like nothing else can rescue us from the excess fat.

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