Diet drying body

All who have little access to the fitness club, heard the magic word “drying”. With these words relate dreams of girls and boys, especially for the “drying” invented exercises. There is even a diet “body-drying”: it promises rapid decrease in fat mass, and with regular visits to the gym – even finding a beautiful muscular relief.

To understand the essence of the diet drying body, you need to understand the basic concepts. Thus, the drying process is called the disposal of subcutaneous fat deposits, resulting in muscle becomes beautiful drawing (assuming that the muscles are trained accordingly). The term came from bodybuilding, when the athletes before competition arrange a “drying”, thanks to which are best seen bulky muscles. In the understanding of sports fans from drying – it’s the same as losing weight.

Drying the body – diet for girls

So, what do you need to qualitatively “to dry”? Diet for drying, as well as appropriate to your exercise. Effective diet should not be hungry, but it will be enough for many strict: there are many restrictions and changes in eating habits, but only under such a diet can be achieved remarkable results, one of which will be the drying body. Diet for women refers to the low-carb – it allows you to saturate the body with all the necessary substances, proteins, as well as a limited, but sufficient quantities for health – carbohydrates.

Switch to a diet that is recommended gradually over weeks. For starters eliminate the consumption of sweets and fast food products: biscuits, cakes, sandwiches and chocolates. This rejection of fast carbohydrates that bring the greatest harm to our figure. Then, after a couple of days, give up on flour products: bread, pasta. By the beginning of the diet of all the carbohydrates in your diet should stay cereals and occasionally – small pieces of black or rye bread.

During that month, as long as you sit on a diet, the intake of carbohydrates should be a maximum of 100 grams per day – in the form of cereals, legumes. Separately, there are fruits that can be consumed, but in limited quantities.

The rest of your diet should consist mainly of protein foods and vegetables. By useful proteins are: eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, fish, white meat. Diet drying body requires calorie deficit, as well as a large number of eating vegetables: greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, bell pepper – fresh or baked form. Do not forget about vegetable fats (on a diet – no more than a tablespoon per day), which are needed by the body. But exclude the animals.

Advantages of such a diet lies in the fact that all the dishes that can be prepared from approved food, well saturated: you will not need to feel a sense of hunger and reach for the banned products. Fruits replace sweets, meat gives strength and accelerates the process of losing weight. Vegetables facilitate the work of the digestive system and is saturated with vitamins.

Required if this diet intense training in the gym – at least 3 times a week. Exercise not only speeds up the metabolism, but also allows you to create a beautiful muscular relief, which is due to open before the eyes of those around diet pretty soon.

Ideally, such a diet should be your usual eating patterns. In this case, you will not have problems with excess weight in the future. And also be able to boast of excellent health.

Diet for body drying: Menu

Since each of us has their own tastes and preferences, the menu offered below should not be considered the only viable option. This – is an example of how to combine the products during dieting. Individual courses of approved products, you can come up with yourself, so it will help to achieve the desired effect only tasty diet for body drying. Menu for 3 days as follows.

Day 1

Breakfast: cereal from different types of cereals, raisins, light green (or herbal) tea. 
Lunch: vegetable soup, 200 grams of boiled chicken. 
Snack: a cup of yogurt or kefir. 
Dinner: 200g stewed fish, vegetable salad with a spoon of sunflower oil.

Day 2

Breakfast: scrambled egg whites, one orange, weak tea. 
Lunch: buckwheat, 200 grams of chicken breast, grilled, fat-free yogurt. 
Snack: Banana. 
Dinner: fruit salad, 100 grams of cottage cheese, yogurt.

Day 3

Breakfast: boiled egg, sliced vegetables, tea. 
Lunch: 200 g of fish baked in the oven with vegetables, a glass of kefir. 
Snack: Berries. 
Dinner: baked potato, cream cheese, tomatoes.

Note that this menu is only approximate. Compose yourself diet, do not forget that it should be the basis of food protein. You can not fry food, but can be boiled, stewed, baked. You can not use fatty sauces, dressings, mayonnaise, which inevitably add calories to the dish. Meals can add salt and pepper, but do not overdo it, so as not to stir up an appetite once again.

Do not forget about water: it should be drunk in large quantities, especially if you exercise. 6-8 glasses a day is the ideal water conditions. Water not only increases the metabolism, but also helps the body excrete waste products.

As snacks can be used as fruits, and dried fruits and nuts. However, with the latest beware: with nuts easily moved to the calorie content. Eat a time no more than 30 grams of nuts. Drink sour-milk production, which also has a positive effect on digestion.

Of course, it presented a diet version is very different from what they do during the drying bodybuilders. However, you do not need it: the body of a professional athlete experiences during drying a lot of stress, which the untrained person can inflict considerable damage.

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