Diseases of the Joints: rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, gout

To date, as shown by the WHO statistics, about 20-30% of the world population suffer from diseases of the joints. Joint diseases: arthritis, osteoarthritis and other ailments suffer every tenth and a third of disabled and physically disabled and, as a rule, people just get sick of working age.

But why do these things happen? Often, all because of human ignorance: most of us even have no idea what can go in the favor of the joints. Therefore it is not surprising that the first “bells” we leave unattended! But the most amazing levity, which show serious people who are engaged in self-medicate and do not think about the harmful effects of all this. They, despite the pain, the joints begin to train, thereby resetting them even stronger. And this can not be done. To learn how to properly treat the joints , you can contact our partners at the Medical Center “Eliseeva.” And we will tell a little about the three most common diseases.

Rheumatoid arthritis

As a rule, an inflammatory disease of the joints provoke flu and sore throat, although it may begin after an injury to physical or mental. Most often there is pain in one or two joints, usually symmetrical, they swell, increasing the local temperature in the morning limited mobility.

Arthrosis or osteoarthritis

It varies, especially articular cartilage loses its elasticity, becomes rough, sometimes thin, cracked, thus exposing the surface of the bone. The result of all this suffering the bone: it thickens, deformed growths appear. Such growths we call like – salt deposition. Bone after deformation begins to deform the joint and thereby violates its mating surfaces.

For example, if at the end of work after physical activity began to appear in the joints of the short-term pain, then – it’s arthritis. The symptom may be the following: sit, get up, and it becomes difficult to immediately move and then have to “paced”. This is the starting pain, a kind of sign that appeared arthritic leg joints: the knee, the hip, the interphalangeal.


In ancient times it was believed that the disease is a disease of aristocrats. The joints of uric acid is deposited and all this is due to excessive high-calorie diet, consuming large amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, along with alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle.

Today, gout is associated with a poor and unbalanced diet, although the attack may be triggered by physical and psychological trauma, infectious disease, hypothermia.

A serious complication of gout includes a urolithiasis. Doctors – urologists, destroying stones simply do not notice it, how it all began, and in fact if disturbed purine metabolism, did not prevent recurrence.

As you can see here the target is one, but a variety of reasons. And this is not to say all of the arthropathy.

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