Osteoarthritis: description, symptoms, treatment

We already wrote briefly about the kinds of diseases of the joints , and one of these diseases is neovspalitelnoe defeat joints – osteoarthritis. This disease is chronic. Simply put, osteoarthritis can not be cured completely. Therefore, in this case, all efforts are aimed at slowing the progression of disease.

Osteoarthritis can occur for various reasons, and to be an individual and these facts must be considered during therapy. The most studied mechanisms that trigger the disease: heavy loads, metabolic disorders, heredity, hormonal imbalance. Therefore osteoarthritis risk increases with the onset of menopause, age at the big weight.

Osteoarthritis of the joints

This disease can begin quickly. First, one joint is affected, and this is often the joints of the fingers, knees, hips, moving joints of the vertebrae. In most cases, the disease is spreading, further affecting other joints and are usually first mirror. That is, the right and left elbow, knee, hip, and so on. Over time, during illness wears away the cartilage tissue, which gradually destroyed. The particles are collected in the cartilage joint capsule. And then the first symptom of the disease is manifested in joint flexion, there is a sound like “Rust” and “clicks”, there is discomfort during movement.

After pain occurs mainly when driving. It is caused by the fact that particles of cartilage and bone pounded accumulate on the surface of the movable joint.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

We have already mentioned that this is a chronic disease. Therefore, treatment of osteoarthritis regard to two factors:

  1. Removing the discomfort and pain;
  2. Identification and elimination of the reasons which led to the disease.

If joints are too heavily deformed, it is possible to prosthetics them. At present, the medicine used many different advanced techniques that replace the destroyed articulation joint. Mobility is completely restored, disappears the discomfort and pain, the man regains his full working capacity.

First of all conservative therapy involves the joint discharge, pain relief, reduce inflammation, increase range of motion. Here the role played by the medication, physiotherapy, manual therapy, and reducing excess, weighing, restore immunity, vitamin balance, microorganisms, nutrition.

To the disease has not progressed need to find out all the factors that have an impact on pathology. Be sure to understand what needs to change in the future. By the way that is interesting osteoarthritis often comes from those who do not move: a long time sitting in an awkward position or standing. Therefore, if you can not work physically, you need to use additional tools for easy charging.

An important condition of quality of treatment is to maintain normal weight. You must also be periodically checked by a doctor of the fact that the disease does not hit the other limb. Take hondroprotektivnoe drugs, vitamins and avoid hypothermia and so on.

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