Probiotics and prebiotics

In recent years, we can even say that it is fashionable, and even became interested in a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, surely everyone has heard or read about probiotics and prebiotics. Especially since these two terms are quite active today use in their advertising manufacturers of fermented milk products and pharmaceuticals. So what are these pro – and prebiotics? What is the difference between them? What are these substances are needed and how are they useful? This is what we will discuss in this publication.

Probiotics – beneficial microorganisms is necessary for normal functioning of the intestines, which are part of the human microflora. A person normally found in the intestines of many bacteria that help break down food coming into the food, helping them to quickly assimilate. If a healthy gut flora dies for some – any reason, such as due to long-term use of antibiotics, prolonged diarrhea , then the process of metabolizing food and violated starts developing dysbiosis – it is fraught with serious violations in a variety of body. So lower bowel begin to be occupied instead of putrefying bacteria useful saprophytic, thereby only exacerbating for dysbiosis. And if all the same it happened, the doctor for the effective treatment of dysbiosis assign patients receiving probiotics and prebiotics.

The product is dried probiotics a special way lyophilized microorganisms. Once in the stomach, where they are not digested and absorbed. But getting into the lower section, more precisely in the large intestine, they begin to work actively displacing putrid microflora and body healthy intestine. But to complete the work of probiotics needed catalyst that helps beneficial bacteria to displace pathogenic microorganisms. And this assistant are prebiotics. Therefore, they need to take in the complex.

Prebiotics – are substances that are needed in order that the probiotics normally lived and developed. Prebiotics are substances that are subject to the process of fermentation, in other words, those that contain sugar – carbohydrates and dairy plant. Best of all are useful and slow carbohydrates that are digested and absorbed slowly in the body. That is why the human diet should consist mostly of grain products: bread, cereal, pasta, fruits, vegetables, milk and dairy products. People with dysbiosis should be consumed in a complex pre – and probiotics: to take medicine, and together with him to eat properly. Only then will begin normal bowel function.

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