Rise of lice! They are no longer afraid to conventional means! What to do?

Deeply mistaken are those who think that, thanks to modern medicines head lice is not a problem. US doctors have found that a new generation of parasites, which all bought at the pharmacy transcend money.

A recent study, the majority of head lice in America today have a genetic mutation that makes them resistant to the standard drugs sold without a prescription.

“Infection with head lice – a major problem for public health,” – scientists say. Approximately 10% of all American students miss classes due to severe itching and secondary infections associated with lice.

Years of constant use of a single method of treatment has led to the emergence of drug-resistant populations of head lice. They are “armed” by the fact that genetics is called “resistance to knock-down effect” of drugs. This resistance is caused by a genetic mutation. This gives the majority of lice ability to withstand the impact of the major – and until now effective – components of virtually all OTC drugs against these parasites, “pyrethroids” – such, for example, as permethrin.

“This question is quite ambiguous,” – said co-author John Clark study, professor of toxicology and chemistry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. “This problem is growing before our eyes for about twenty years. Our research work has shown that head lice are now almost 100% stable. This means that in America and all around is now catastrophically many insect-resistant. “

Clarke and his colleagues reported on their findings by an article in the “Journal of Medical Entomology.” In the early 1990s, non-prescription drugs, based on permethrin came into wide use. Designed to kill lice by “switching off” their nervous system, these drugs will soon become the standard treatment. But, Clark said, the basis for the future destruction of permethrin were laid a few decades ago, in the aftermath of World War II, when most people first began using DDT pesticide to combat contamination wardrobes (underwear) lice.

The head louse picked up the baton and gave rise to the stable population, whose members gradually, large quantities of steel protective mutation carriers, and for decades prior to the introduction on the market of permethrin products.

Knowing this, the scientists tested the stability of the current status of head lice, conducted a genetic analysis of samples from lice 32 urban areas of America and Canada. DNA analysis showed that over 88% of the lice from both countries are carriers of specific mutations associated with resistance of nerve fibers, which makes the lice protected from the effects of standard OTC products based on permethrin.

The researchers found that the mutation rate in America among lice population averaged about 84% between 1999 and 2009. But on closer examination, this time it was revealed that the mutation rate from 2007 to 2009 reached almost 100%.

Do not neglect this seemingly common problem as lice. Attentive to the treatment of this disease. And if the usual medications do not work – see your doctor.

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