What are children’s car seats and how to choose them?

Everyone will agree with me that for parents there is nothing more than the life and health of the child. Many of you have seen, as a loving father puts in front of him behind the wheel or in the front passenger seat of the kid, glad that his child squeals with delight. It happens that the mother, sitting in front holding the baby in her arms. But this is not correct.After all, on the road, anything can happen, and even if you drive carefully, there are other drivers of vehicles, which do not always follow the rules. That is why those parents who value their offspring appreciated the law that dictates to the health of small savings in the mandatory use of personal transport of children’s car seats.

Find the right car seat can not only protect the child from falling during heavy braking of the machine, or God forbid, during the accident. It is also a child seat for the car allows the driver to be distracted from the road, looking after every second for the Egoza – a toddler. Especially if you choose the right car seat is given the weight and age of the child, then he will feel it comfortable and convenient, and therefore he will not act up and turn around.

So how do you choose the right car seat is? What should I look for when choosing? This is what we discuss in this article, because for us it is important to the health of children in all its manifestations.

Before choosing a child car seat must be determined in order, where it will stand. Naturally, the safest thing is considered a central place in the back seat. But there to install a chair, special needs fixing. Therefore, make sure that the car seat attachment suitable for this position. Also make sure, as far as the fixing reliable.

Examine the product labeling. So if there is any sign ECER 44/03 ECER 44/04, then this car seat was manufactured according to the European safety standard. Excellent children’s car seats offered by such companies as: Kiddy, Isofix, Romer, Recaro. Of course they are expensive but they are reliable, convenient and most importantly safe. The more that the health and safety of their child does not need to save.

Once you have decided on the brand of chair you need to determine the size. There are several age groups for selection.

So the group 0 includes children up to a year, they are in these seats. This autocradle protect well your baby on all sides. And remember if you carry any baby in the front seat if disconnect is required to function for triggering the airbag because it may harm the baby.

In 0+ group includes children before and one year. In such chairs, and they may sit and lie.

Group 1 is designed for children 1 – 4 years.

Group 2 transports kids 3 – 12 years.

Autos third look like regular seats without backs. They have a baby can wear a belt from the motor. This group is designed for the biggest kids.

Choosing and buying a child car seat, we recommend definitely try to pay to install it in the car, be sure that the baby in it comfortably.

And further. Although the law states that a child seat in the car to be used for children up to 12 years, though, you should immediately take into account the growth of your child. So if your child has previously grown to the status of 150cm, you can then use the regular seat belt safely. But even if 12 years of your baby below 150cm, then it is best to use a car seat until he grows up. And remember that the health of your family is in your hands of the driver.

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