5 tricks to combat depression

Depression is a terrible enemy of our vitality and is absolutely necessary to have on hand some useful strategies for how to manage it when it appears.

It, as well as happiness,  is nothing but a state of mind “triggered” by our emotions, this is clear and obvious a little for everyone.

What few people know it is that there is a strong link between movement, nutrition, and our moods?

The first “trick” to consider then is …

1. Physical activity

Whether jogging, brisk walking, dancing, swimming or cycling does not matter. The moment you move is very difficult for you to feel depressed.

As you begin to move him immediately feel on your skin, depression vanishes.

The aerobic exercises or those of yoga are among the best for this purpose because they oxygenate and reactivate your body and, as we learned in the First Pillar. Breathing has as much to do with emotions.

2. Proper nutrition

It is said that you are what you eat, so there is no doubt! Proper nutrition can affect our moods. The healthy and natural foods reactivate our physical, improve our memory and fills us with vitality.

Refined foods, precooked and GMO leave us hungry and nervous.

Even the council as recommended by doctors to eat, as much is just not as useful when our mood vacillates because it loads the body of a useless job sea and stresses.

Eat only when you’re hungry, eat only fresh, natural foods and lots of fruits and vegetables. Are foods designed by nature to reactivate your body and your soul? All that is refined and modified undermines your well-being as well as your mood.

3. Identify the problem but do not dwell on it

Try to identify any situations that helped make you depressed. When you have everything clear then, if it continues to permeate too tries to free confide tension with a sympathetic friend or transcribing in a diary all your emotions.

Once done, however, it avoids “wallow in your misfortune,” and seeks to shift the focus on something positive such as possible solutions to the problem that led you to feel so.

It also said, Einstein:

“You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it”

Although it may be difficult and you have to force yourself to look at it from a different point of view. You must try to understand the lesson that this experience taught you and use it to grow and improve yourself.

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4. Express yourself

Depression there clouds the mind and makes us believe that the world is all on our shoulders.

But often enough we leverage our imagination and engaging in fun and creative activities such as play, dance, painting, writing and so on, to get better. Even the mere scribbling on a sheet can reactivate your creative flow and release positive emotions.

5. Avoid alcohol and antidepressants

When you are down it’s easy to fall prey to these substances.

Apparently, it solves everything at once … but at what price? Addictive and intoxicate our body making us in a short time even more tense, depressed and sick than before.

If you want to avoid permanent health problems, in relationships, at work and in various other areas of your life avoiding these substances.

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