Tips For Training: Pyramids, Intervals And Fartlek

In interval training, periods of high intensity and short duration are combined with periods of long duration but with a lower intensity. It was originally a training tool for professional athletes and it was thought that interval training was too exhausting for amateur athletes. Recent studies show that a wide range of people can not only use interval training, but their use can also increase their cardiovascular health.

Tips for training: pyramids, intervals and fartlek

A 30-minute session probably offers the same health benefits as twice-time training at a steady pace. Some examples include fast walking for three minutes followed by a three minute slow walk (and repeat five times), or fast cycling for one minute followed by two minutes of slower cycling (repeat nine times).

It is flexible; interval training can be applied to any type of aerobic sport, such as walking, cycling or jogging. You can work for all levels of fitness, for example, alternating between slow and fast, or between brisk walking and running.

We can add intensity to an exercise plan, if we always maintain the same intensity can be boring.Tips For Training Pyramids Intervals And Fartlek

Results: Interval training can increase aerobic capacity after only two days of training.

In the variation of cardiovascular training is the key. You need to test yourself in different ways to get the best result. If you are going to do a cardio workout format then you are just going to maintain your fitness and you will not get much better. The funny thing is that, or what works for one person does not have to work for another so in the long run you will have to adapt your training programs. For example, an athlete can get very good shape by making longer intervals and another person can get equal or greater benefits by making shorter intervals.

The interval training format that I present you can use for a variety of activities, running, walking and cycling. To some extent, it can also be used in cardio machines, in some cases the machines have these programs already incorporated.


We can perform 5 times this combination 2 minutes fast-1 minute recovery or else vary and perform 4 minutes fast and 30 seconds recovery three times. There are a myriad of ways in which you can vary interval training by manipulating recovery time and interval duration.


A pyramid combination adds more difficulty and varies intensity, for example: 1 minute fast-1 minute recovery, 2 minutes fast-1 minute recovery and last 3 minutes fast and full recovery. You can vary the pyramids, you can make a pyramid up or down, you can make the recovery shorter or longer. Once again there are a myriad of ways to combine the different times in the use of the pyramid.


The fartlek consists of a set of exercises that allow you to develop your aerobic capacity and resistance alternating between aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises, there are two basic types: the Swedish fartlek in which alternation is determined by time and the Polish fartlek in which the Alternation is determined by the distance.

The basic variations we have seen can be applied to a particular type of terrain. For example we can perform the intervals in a mountainous terrain. A true muscle endurance training that will significantly improve our capabilities. We will use many more muscles and in a more intense way if we make the intervals in “slopes” that in level.

If we have access to an athletics track we can also make an unlimited number of variations, such as 4 × 400 meters, 2 x 800, 1 x 1000. You can also make a pyramid on the track, 400, 600, 800 and then recovery.

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