What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This disease is mostly found in women and usually occurs from the age of 30 to 50.

This disease should not be taken away because it is the cause of many deaths due to suicides, heart attacks, cancers … since it affects several systems at the same time.

We speak of chronic fatigue when we have been feeling fatigued for more than 6 months, ie with some of the following symptoms:

  • Severe fatigue. Anything is a big challenge. You do not have the strength to do anything.
  • Feeling sleepy even if you slept for many hours.
  • Fever or feverishness.
  • Pain in joints and muscles. Sometimes you have a feeling that your whole body hurts.
  • The light, changes of temperature and noise are annoying.
  • You feel like you have the flu at all times.
  • You lose your memory and you have trouble concentrating.
  • Chronic pharyngitis.
  • Sexual dysfunction.
  • States of depression and personality disorders.
  • Sometimes you may have the feeling of not knowing where you are, feeling disoriented.
  • You have more sensitivity in the lymph nodes (lymph nodes ) and in the armpits .
  • Situations of stress or of much physical activity surpasses you. You have trouble breathing.
  • You may feel dizzy and nauseated.
  • If you make an effort you still feel worse and you feel that bad all day.
  • Although you rest, you do not feel rested.
  • You can have pressure drops.
  • Pale skin.
  • If you change your position you have tachycardia.
  • Irritable colon.
  • Problems urinating (peeing).
  • Anorexia and weight changes.
  • Changes in body temperature.

There are different degrees of fatigue. Next I name the different types so that you can differentiate them.

Acute or transient fatigue: It lasts a short time and is going to rest. Usually it is produced by a physical or mental effort that normally we do not.

Secondary Chronic Fatigue:  This also lasts more than six months and there is a cause that justifies it. If we do not know why fatigue appears, it would be chronic idiopathic fatigue. This disease is usually linked to a low level of immune activity in our body.

Fatigue of grade I: The fatigue appears when making an effort outside the norm, with which the person makes normal life and does not involve any change in his life.

Fatigue grade II: It affects the person in such a way that it costs him much to do some work and is even unable to finish the job.

 Fatigue grade III: It cannot make a normal life. Any work outweighs it and can only do small tasks that last a short time.

 Fatigue of grade IV: This usually lasts at most ten days and in a state in which the person cannot even get out of bed without help.

To get the body to have more energy is important to eat every three hours. They should not be big meals, light things.

It is important to maintain a good diet.

What Is Chronic Fatigue SyndromeYou should eat:

  • Royal jelly.
  • Blue Fish.
  • Lentils, beans.
  • Veal liver. Every day 15 days.
  • Natural juices.
  • Products rich in fiber.
  • At least take 3 glasses a day.
  • Skim cheese.
  • Oranges, mandarins, papaya, grapefruit, kiwis, grapes, bananas …

You should avoid:

Natural Remedies for Chronic Fatigue.

Vitamin C: Take one tablet daily.

Iron:Take two tablets at mealtimes.

Calcium: One tablet in the morning, two at noon and one at night.

Eleutherococcus, Rosemary and Savory: 25 drops in water should be diluted in the morning, noon and night.

Maca: Take 3 tablets daily. Two at noon and one at night.

Guarana: Take one capsule a day just when you wake up.

Licorice: 25 drops in water should be diluted in the morning, noon and night.

Ginger: Take 3 tablets daily.

Rosemary: 25 drops in water should be diluted in the morning, noon and night. Or 1 infusion of rosemary per day.

Thyme: Take 5 drops a day with a spoonful of honey.

Lavender: Put two drops of oil on the pillow before going to bed.

Hypericum: Take 3 tablets daily.

Balm: 25 drops in water should be diluted in the morning, noon and night.

Echinacea: Take two tablets with breakfast and two with food.

Ginkgo Biloba: 25 drops in water should be diluted in the morning, noon and night.

Gingseng and guarana: Take 1 ampoule a day.

Zinc and B vitamins: Take one tablet each morning along with breakfast.

Spinach juice (1 bunch) with celery (2 stems): Clean and liquefy the ingredients with a little water (1 cup). Take a glass every morning for a whole week.

 Orange juice (1), lemon (2) and apple (1): Extract the juice from the lemons with the aid of a juicer or using a fork / knife. Wash and peel the orange and the apple. Put everything in the blender with a cup of water. Take this juice on an empty stomach, once a day.

Melon juice (1 piece), honey (1 tablespoon), milk (1/2 glass), egg (1), sesame (1 tablespoon) and flaxseed (1 tablespoon): In the blender put the milk, honey, egg, melon and linseed. On the other hand, put the sesame in a frying pan until golden. Once golden, leave it to cool and add it to the blender with the other ingredients. Clear it all. Take this potent juice only in the moments that you feel very tired.

Grape juice (half cup) and raisins (5): Clean all ingredients well. To the grapes remember that you must take away the little ones. Put everything in a blender. Pass it through a strainer. Have a glass every day.

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