White Clay: Properties For The Skin And Hair

White Clay: Properties For The Skin And Hair

The white clay has many properties and numerous benefits for skin and hair. It is formed by a mixture of minerals, especially of selenium and aluminum.

It is considered as an antiseptic, detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and healing. That is why it is often used to make face and hair masks.

Although not only can be used externally because if taken properly it can be used internally. Drink together with water is used to combat disorders affecting the gastrointestinal tract. But be careful, always ask your doctor for advice.

Facial mask

White clay mask

Let’s see how to make a white clay mask. We use two parts of water for each of white clay and create an amalgam to be applied on the skin of the face. That is, we mix it until having a homogeneous mass that will be the one that we will put in the face.

It should be left to stand until the clay is dried and then rinsed with warm water. It is applied once a week.

Other ingredients such as, for example, a spoonful of yogurt or two teaspoons of honey may also be added. This mixture is ideal for treating skin pimples and blackheads, to revitalize dehydrated and dull skin and to combat wrinkles.

White Clay: Properties For The Skin And HairStretch Wrap and Cellulite

White streaks

The white clay can also be used to treat the grooves or cellulite. We can prepare a poultice made of this substance and essential oils. Mix with a little water until a cream is obtained.

The essential oils that you can use are many although I emphasize the following ones: rose of mosquito, lavender, cypress, thyme, spark Asian, sesame, geranium or mint.

It is applied to the affected area and allowed to stand, covering it with a plastic wrap (it can be the transparent paper that you use in the kitchen and that is multipurpose), for a period of between 30 and 60 minutes. Then rinse with lukewarm water and olive oil to eliminate it better and boost its action.

It thinks that it has anti-inflammatory action and of cellular regeneration ideal to fight both the stretch marks as the cellulitis. In addition, with the combination of the oils and the cold sensation that produces makes the blood circulates better helping also to enhance this effect.

Hair Mask

White clay hair

The hair mask with white clay base is used to revive dry, weakened and greasy hair.

Preparing this mask is not difficult at all. We have to put two tablespoons of clay, one tablespoon of coconut oil and one of jojoba oil. When it is well mixed we apply it on wet hair and let it act for 20 minutes. Finally rinse with cold water.

Exfoliating effect

White clay exfoliating

White clay also has excellent exfoliating properties. To be effective, we can use it on the face by preparing a mask as we have done before. We leave it to dry and the active ingredients act by performing a capturing action of impurities and dead cells. The white clay has a great capacity of absorption and it is good to make a mask once a week with this type of clay to leave the skin free of impurities.

You can make an exfoliating mask with white clay and Himalayan salt, for example in case you have oily skin or signs of aging. It is a strong exfoliate.

Anti-aging effects

Anti aging white clay

The white clay is able to exert an anti-aging effect thanks to all the minerals that abound in its composition and that serve to fight the signs of aging.

For example, within its properties I would like to emphasize its immediate terror effect, that is to say, it has an effect similar to the blisters of Germinal that seems to make you an instant facelift. It also decongests the skin and stimulates tissue regeneration.

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