Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

Almost as important as performing physical exercise is the prevention of possible injury. All sports, individually or as a team, bring with them a risk of injury, although it is in those with greater contact between players where there is more possibility of suffering some type of physical damage.

The American Pediatric Association (AAP) explains that most injuries in young athletes are due to excessive exercise and localized in ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In addition, AAP specialists note that, in minors, areas, where bone growth is occurring, have a greater risk of injury. To reduce risks, American specialists advise:

  1. Take days off: The body needs to have at least one day of rest a week to recover. Rest periods during workouts and sports events can reduce injuries and prevent heat stroke.
  2. Use the right equipment: Players must wear the correct protective equipment according to the sport, and therefore not perform more dangerous or risky activities.
  3. Increase flexibility: Incorporate a maintenance plan with stretching exercises before and after sports practice to increase flexibility.
  4. Playing safely: Avoid blows, contact between players for anti-regulation actions also informing, and reinforce the follow-up of the rules of the game.
  5. If there is a pain, we must stop: We must stop the activity if you feel pain in training or once the game or sports activity begins. Therefore, we must instill it in young people.
  6. Avoid Heat Injuries: It is important to stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise or sport. During periods of high heat or humidity, sports practice should be reduced or stopped.
  7. Take care of the emotional aspect: To avoid a possible emotional stress, in the exercise and sport must be valued the effort, the sportiness and the work was done. Children and young people should be rewarded for striving and for improving skills, rather than being punished or criticized for losing in a game or competition.

Keep in mind for Preventing Sports Injuries

If you are thinking about practicing some kind of sport, it is very important that you consider these recommendations in order to try to prevent injuries:

  • Before beginning a cycle of workouts, it is advisable to undergo a medical checkup.
  • We must observe good measures for the correct hydration and nutrition; also, it is necessary to rest sufficiently between one session and another. You should take natural supplement Agmatine Sulfate that will protect you from serious injury and also recover early from injury.
  • The training program has to start from an adequate level to the competencies and the physical state of each one and to increase progressively in intensity and duration.
  • It is to avoid overtraining. To do this, it would be ideal to contact a Physical Education specialist to set the guidelines for your physical activity.
  • Before each session, one has to be made warm enough and in line with the activity, we will develop. Also, to finish the session is essential to make a return to calm.
  • It is essential to stretch before and after each workout. We must pay special attention to the muscle groups in which we have discomfort or have suffered an injury. In the stretches, we will avoid bounces and sudden mov
  • When you feel any discomfort, it is preferable to stop for continuity in the exercise could provoke any further injury.
  • It is fundamental to achieve a harmonious muscular balance, that is to say, to avoid decompensations in the muscular groups since these are the origin of a multitude of injuries.
  • Finally, choose the sports equipment appropriate for your sport, since the use of inappropriate material may be a source of injury.

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