6 Behaviors To Increase Your Self-Esteem

6 Behaviors To Increase Your Self-Esteem

Who would not want to think better of what it is?   And those who say that say they trust more in themselves, increase motivation to achieve goals, dare to experience new things, etc.

Some of us did not have much luck with the feedback we received from small children, those praises, acknowledgments or words of admiration that every child needs to boost their self-confidence.

But this can become a drag or a challenge, depending on what you look at.

Recognition is one of the pillars of self-esteem, and if in our home you are not very much given to flattering or acknowledging one’s merits, we will need to cover that need from the outside.

You probably have engraved some compliment, gratefulness or praise that someone dedicated to you throughout your life, but if not, I suggest you practice any of these tips immediately and observe the result in your self-esteem.

6 Behaviors To Increase Your Self-Esteem1. Salute looking into the eyes

A smile accompanied by direct visual contact conveys confidence born of self-love. When you cannot do it by being on the phone, give your name to the person who answers you.

2. Show appreciation for compliments or gifts

DO NOT avoid the expressions of affection that another person has with you. The ability to give or receive is one of the marks of the person with a strong self-esteem.

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3. Do not fart

It is paradoxical but it is part of the true modesty to know how to receive compliments with humility or with grace. People who demand special attention from others and it is because they do not perceive themselves worthy of respect or value.

4. Do not overwhelm with your problems

If you do not do more than talk about your problems and make them the center of the talks or only criticism comes out of your mouth towards others try to bring your conversation to something more constructive. Do you usually complain about your life? What is the proportion of your positive / negative thoughts in your conversations?

5. To the problems increases your activity

When you enter a period of difficulties or more depressing periods in your life, try to respond by increasing your level of activity. When your self-esteem is really put to the test, do not go spinning around in the victim’s game (paralysis by analysis). Listen to someone say that automobiles recharge their batteries through the movement, not standing in their garage.

6. Learn from mistakes

One of the traits of people with self-esteem is that they are not let down by rejection or failure. You are something more than your failures. An error can force you to do something new to succeed, but that experience permeates value, by not giving in your way.

What’s more, these painful experiences can support the many people I’ve worked with, ultimately building their successful future.

How do you see the mistake in your life? Can it be a bad performance in your work of life, the loss of a single match, or the whole league?

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