Home fried tomato (ketchup)

Home fried tomato (ketchup)

We have just returned from the village and have brought some fresh tomatoes from the bush. I know they can be bought all year, but nothing like catching them in season and at a good price. In addition these have been given to me by my uncle David and cultivated by him. This is priceless!

There are many properties of tomatoes and there are many ways to consume it. For this entry I have chosen the fried tomato that I use to season pasta, rice or to use in the Stir-fry. The fried tomato or tomato sauce is an indispensable in the kitchen and, if we prepare ourselves, we can do it to our liking. At home we like home tomatoes more, but I recognize that the commercial fried tomato has the advantage of being always about to consume and many children like it more than homemade. Mine; as they have no choice, always eat it homemade because I usually make canned tomato fried. We have to be encouraged to do so and we always have it in our pantry because, like everything, it requires its time and that is what precisely does not have many parents today.


  • 2 kg fresh tomatoes
  • 500 g onion
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • A sprig of parsley
  • Salt
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • sugar
  • A fried tomato pot (optional)

Home fried tomato (ketchup)Homemade fried tomato (tomato sauce): videorecepta

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Home fried tomato (tomato sauce): recipe preparation

1. To start, heat water and scald the tomatoes for one minute. Scaffold and reserve and then peel them. Once cold, you can peel easily

 2.In a frying pan place abundant olive oil and to poach the onion. Then add the chopped garlic and parsley and let it begin to brown. Next, add the peeled tomato, a teaspoon of raspberry sugar and salt to taste. Let it simmer; boil without splashing, very little by little. If it boils us alive, our stew is burned, and goodbye our tomato, our Preserves and the fryer. So be very careful about this part of the recipe. I usually leave it for an hour and a half or until it thickens because it has to reduce a lot.

3.Once tempered, mash it with the blender and then strain it with the Chinese to remove the seeds (the children are very annoying to them) and, as it usually turns orange, I add a can of fried tomato of the stream and thus improves the color. If you do not mind the orange color, much better not add it. This is just an aesthetic trick because it does not improve the taste here, but as it does not make it worse, I like it better.

Ingredients for preparing tomato sauce

Step by step to prepare homemade fried tomato or tomato sauce

4.Now is the time to put it in boats. I choose boats of 200 cc because it is the amount that I usually spend and, if I have something left in the boat, I use it soon. The size of the boat is also the choice of each, but large boats if they remain open is easier to break. So I prefer to open more than one boat when I need more, than risk having to throw it.

5.Like all preserves, wash well cans and lids, fill up to two centimeters of the edge with the fried tomato and close them well.

6.Cover with a cotton cloth in the bottom of the pot and place the boats on top as close together as possible. Fill water up to about two centimeters below the lid and close the pot… I boil them in the pressure cooker for 25 minutes, but you can do it in any pot and leave them boiling for an hour or an hour and a half. Then, you can take out the boats, taking care not to burn, and leave them on a dry cloth on the marble to cool and there is a contrast of temperatures.

7.Once cold check that all the covers have sunk a little and that indicates that we have closed well.

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