Fun Homemade Snacks

Fun Homemade Snacks

Today I bring you simple recipes to inspire your snacks so that you can relax in your kitchen with suggestions that never fail. They are all very easy and you will see how rich.

When we run away from industrial cakes, we sometimes lack ideas. I want to present you recipes of the most varied so that your homemade snacks are a success. So, thanks to my commanders of Red Facilísimo, I have compiled these ideas to share them with you and that you can elaborate them very easily and without mishaps! It is not necessary to be an expert to prepare all these wonderful recipes.

Fun Homemade SnacksCompilation: Fun Homemade Snacks

  I want to introduce you these  Dorayakis. Doraemon’s favorite sweets (recipe here).  They are some pancakes that are prepared with flour, sugar, honey, eggs and a little water. They are filled with chocolate cream and the children adore them. They are made to the plate and if you see the video you will realize how easy it is to prepare them. To triumph with your children with this recipe.

 I bring you   milk bread buns (recipe here). They are prepared with fresh yeast, flour, milk, butter, sugar, eggs and a little salt. Prepare dough with all the ingredients and then give them form and let them ferment. Once they have taken Just need to bake them until they are golden brown!

  Teach us to prepare   profiteroles and lioness (recipe here). Choux dough is prepared by heating water, milk, butter and a pinch of salt. Add the flour and then add the eggs one by one. When you have the dough, you put it in the pastry and shape it. Then baked and once golden, are already filled with what you like. You will see how many suggestions you find in this post.

The proposal is a Clouds of Nuttella-Nuvolette alla Nutella (recipe here). They are muffins that are prepared with flour, eggs, sugar, butter, melting chocolate, Vanilla, yeast or baking powder and a pinch of salt. Mix the ingredients as the recipe tells us in and you can prepare them in a traditional way or in Thermomix. Put the peparado in magdalena capsules and add a tablespoon of filling nutella. Just bake and enjoy!

And I also finished from my blog Anna Easy Recipes and I teach you to prepare a delicious   Yogurt Sponge Cake with apple (recipe here). It is the classic yogurt cake with grated apple inside and apple slices on the surface. You know you have flour, yogurt, oil, sugar, eggs and lemon zest. Once the dough is prepared, it is decorated with apple and baked. When removed from the oven, It shines with jam and looks at the biscuit!

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