Drinking From A Glass And Neck Pain

Drinking From A Glass And Neck Pain

In our day to day we perform thousands of automatic tasks that we do not think. We assume that we do them well and that they are as we know them. Drinking a glass of water, for example, is the most daily and least thoughtful we can do at home. We think that the vessels are the way they are for something and that they should be. We have a glass round glass at home and understand that this is how we should drink a liquid. It seems to have little analysis. Let’s go see it.

We take a glass and fill it with water. Then we put the edge of the glass between the lips and with slightly tilting the water enters our mouth. Sip to sip the water is consuming and we have to tilt the glass more and more. Suddenly the rim of the glass hits the nose. Nothing happens because we tilt the neck back and the liquid continues to fall until we empty the entire glass.

A fact: The designs of the glasses do not take into account the health of the neck. In our day to day we get used to that the things are of a certain way and we believe that the designer will have thought in everything. It seems that they have only thought about the content, not the one that will consume the content. When we stand or sit and perform an extension of the neck carrying the head back to drink the end of the glass we are damaging our health. People with a healthy neck will probably not notice anything but it is harmful. He who has neck problems realizes that he does not feel well although he does not know how to analyze the reason. Bad habits create long-term damage even though it is impossible to quantify how bad each postural habit is. Smoking we know is bad and it gives cancer but nobody gets sick every time you light a cigar. It is a process that is cultivated with insistence. That the vessels are poorly designed cultivates this insistence on damaging our neck.

Drinking From A Glass And Neck PainThe neck led to extension causes dynamic imbalance at the cervical level. We have talked about this phenomenon in other posts that I recommend to reread (see post). On the one hand, the muscles that must stabilize our neck (posterior muscles) are rendered useless by being in favor of gravity. On the other hand, the holes through which the nerves come out become smaller and can be compressed. Apart from doing damage to the discs and joints of the cervical spine, there is another phenomenon to take into account. The vertebral artery that goes to our brain passes through small holes that are in the cervical vertebrae. When we make gestures that cause instability, these arteries can become compressed and cause vertigo and dizziness, and can end in a fall to the ground.

What do I do then? I drink with straw? I think it’s important to know reality first. There are many solutions. I am going to highlight three simple alternatives that I especially recommend to people suffering from cervical:

– Effectively one of the solutions can be drinking with straw. From the point of view of the neck it is much healthier although it is different and there may be people who do not enjoy the same content of the glass drinking as well.

– The second solution is to hold your head with your hand when we drink. If we put a hand behind the head that holds the weight of the head when we take it back, everything will be fine.

Drinking from a glass and neck pain- The third solution I give you to change to a suitable glass. There are glasses with an optimal design for this cause. They really were not designed thinking about the neck, they were designed thinking about people with problems to swallow. These glasses are like the one we see in the photo. They have a lower side, so that when drinking does not collide with the nose and we do not have to throw the head back to empty the glass.

There are solutions, you just need to recognize that the problem exists and have the will to change for the better.

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