The Controversial Coca-Cola Campaign

The Controversial Coca-Cola Campaign

The controversial Coca-Cola campaign is part of the advertising campaign 4 commitments to fight the sedentary lifestyle and excess weight and part of Coca-Cola’s greater push to get ahead of the negative critics of an important segment of the Population towards sugary drinks.

The first round of Coca-Cola announcements were union and held that the brand played a very active role in the campaign to promote health, such as putting information on calories in their cans to send messages about the calorie count in their machines Vending machines.

The cynics reacted to Coca-Cola, making “sincerity” in a post-modern communication environment is difficult and you have to give him the credit he deserves the brand, his follow-up message “Be Ok”, he may have had a lot Effect on the count of happy calories , but the brand drains the bulk basically saying: If you drink a can of Coca-Cola you should exercise , any bland company would have given a better message than that, so that’s no way to Excuse yourself, less coming from a company with a turnover as important as the Coca Cola Company.

The Controversial Coca-Cola CampaignFor The America, The New Coca Cola Spot Is Worrying

According to a spokesperson for Publicis Spain, the creators of the announcement, the aim was to open the debate in society on the problem of sedentary lifestyle , some studies show that people spend more than half their lives sitting and that was The inspiration for the idea on which the spot rotates, since the knowledge is human and universal, the campaign can be used in the future in other countries, depending on the decision of Coca-Cola Worldwide.

The controversial Coca-Cola campaign

But at Chairs, you’ve gone to Coca-Cola’s paper in health promotion, it’s supposed to be fun, but the message is about how to replace the consumer’s guilt by sitting down so much, Coca-Cola is giving To understand that he is the third party and that there is nothing to blame in the problem and that consumers should take it with their seats since, in fact the culprits of being obese by spending so much time sitting are themselves and no one else.

The public agency Publicis Espana says that the focus of the issue is distorting, that in Chairs only one presented a part of a larger campaign, the agency says that comes a second spot which will be released in April, with a greater focus on Solutions and a web platform to promote commitment to combat obesity and sedentary lifestyle.

For its part, the announcement is just that, an advertisement (and one for Spain, by the way), but it can also signal a surreptitious way of gradually eliminating the role of Coca-Cola in increasing health-related problems and linking the Coca-Cola brand to a “problem”, a connection that the brand certainly never wanted to establish directly.

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