Using Positive Psychology to Control Stress

6 Behaviors To Increase Your Self-Esteem

The economy and unemployment situation in the U.S. has led to increased stress across the country. Mental health professionals and medical doctors are reporting higher levels of stress and stress related illnesses in many of their patients. The stress of not being able to adequately provide for a family, meet financial obligations, or find a job is wearing on millions.

Positive psychology offers an approach that helps alleviate stress and boost confidence by giving patients the ability to address their symptoms without turning to medications that often have unpleasant side effects.
Positive psychology suggests that people who learn to visualize success, refocus themselves, and be aware of their bodies and their own surroundings can relieve tension and stress and allow the person to function more effectively.

There are several ways to use positive psychology to improve stress in your life:
Stop. Often, when a person is upset or stressed about something, they begin to panic. The mind and the body begin to race. Simply taking a moment to stop, sit, and tell yourself that things will be ok can give you the calm you need to get through.
Pay attention to your body. Stress causes a multitude of reactions within the body, including increased breathing and heart rate, a feeling of tightness in the chest, a feeling of pressure, and many other physical sensations. By being aware of your body’s reactions you can more easily gauge your level of stress and take actions to remain in control. Deep breathing and meditation can both be helpful.

Being grateful. By stopping and realizing what you do have and what is going well, you can train your mind to be more positive and to more readily recognize the positive aspects of your life. Living with gratitude can have an extremely powerful impact on your attitude, stress levels, and sense of well being.

You may not be able to avoid the stress that accompanies financial and economic turmoil, but you can control your reaction to it.

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