Dangers of the Protein Diet: Pronokal, Dukan, Siken, Ysonut, Woet

Dangers of the Protein Diet: Pronokal, Dukan, Siken, Ysonut, Woet

Lately, the Protein Diets with medical follow-up are generating great excitement. The dangers of the protein diet are: rebound effect because they are very hypocaloric, increased cholesterol and premature aging.

I would like to reflect on the mechanism of action of these protein diets to convince you not to fall into their networks.

Dangers of the Protein Diet: Pronokal, Dukan, Siken, Ysonut, WoetDangers of the Protein Diet

The dangers of the protein diet are based on placing patients in ketosis through a very low consumption of carbohydrates, generating a lot of metabolic stress to obtain energy through the stored fats transforming them into ketone bodies.

1.-The protein diet normally recommends  700-800 Kcal regardless of sex, weight and physical activity of the patient based on protein shakes and vitamin supplements.

2.- Any diet that is based on a vitamin supplement indicates that it generates deficiencies or is dangerous to health.

3.-A diet based on shakes is not compatible with the social life of the person, generates frustration and anxiety.

4.The protein diet achieves a very pronounced loss of weight in the first phase, but the organism at 5 months activates adaptive mechanisms that stop the loss of weight and favor a pronounced rebound effect when leaving shakes.

5.- Another of the dangers of the protein diet is that it generates metabolic stress and an overproduction of free radicals that accelerate premature aging and deteriorate the state of health in the medium term.

6.-These protein diets increase the production of ketone bodies, which are toxic. The first days of the diet produce vomiting and dizziness but later, they generate decrease of the appetite or anorexia; side effect looked for by these diets.

7.- These hyperproteic diets damage the kidney, the latest study is from the University of Granada .

8.-Accelerate the aging according to the recent study of the University of Sydney. Excess protein lowers the FGF21 (Fibroblast Growth Factor), which reduces defenses and increases the risk of diabetes and cancer.

Healthy and effective diet

Coherent diet is a balanced diet, which controls appetite and reduces fat deposits to achieve the ideal weight and improve health.

It does not decrease muscle mass so it does not reduce the rate of basal metabolism, responsible for weight oscillations.

Maintains insulin level in blood and cholesterol and triglycerides. It fights oxidative stress and free radicals, making it an antiaging diet.

It supports the social life to since our method is based on the combination of food, it does not prohibit any of the required food, a little exercise and a state of mind serene.

Check in our free nutrition calculator, your percentage of body fat and your degree of overweight. That way you will know how many calories your diet should bring daily and if you are at your healthy weight.

Dangers of the protein diet.  Use our nutritional calculator to know your degree of overweight and your fat index.  Diet for fast weight loss

If you want to lose weight with a healthy and effective diet, try Coherent Diet. It is based on combining food to lose strategically in food and at dinner. It will help you lose up to 2 kg of weight per week.

Your Online Nutritionist will help you at all times. It sends you every week your menu with recipes and tricks of exercise and motivation.

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