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Our new album Sour Bridges is available for streaming at the link below:

Sour Bridges

Founded in 2009 and established early on as a mainstay in Austin’s finest venues, Austin-based

band Sour Bridges has continued its rise, earning regional airplay and notable appearances at

roots music festivals like UTOPiAfest, SXSW and more.

Self-dubbed browngrass, “like bluegrass, only dirtier,” Sour Bridges is a funky, rock-inspired

group whose distinct sound builds from a steady drumbeat and adds layer upon layer of texture –

banjo, guitar, bass, fiddle, electric guitar, keys, boots, and impressive harmonies.

Members include Bill Pucci (vocals, banjo, guitar), Matt Pucci (vocals, mandolin, lead guitar),

Kat “Mama Kat” Wilkes (fiddle), Dalton Chamblee (drums), Jack Bridges (vocals, bass guitar)

and hired gun Ben Morgan (keys).

Sour Bridges celebrates its third studio release, Sour Bridges (May 12, 2015). Highlights include

“Dirt Poor,” “Fine Life,” and the uplifting “Carry On.” Previous albums include Catfish Charlie

(2013) and the group’s 2010 debut, Workin’ On Leavin’.

In its music and its live shows, Sour Bridges members’ genuine love for playing and singing

together comes through loud and clear.